Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is for? designed to use USA based socsk5 proxy exclusively for Unblock restrictions and CLAD GENIUS software. All real residual Broadband, Cable and DSL modem based IP address, no hosting data center IP. You can post all classifieds ads to any classified site from around all usa location just like you living there.
  • How I use socks5 into CLAD GENIUS\ SEO APPLICATONS?
All you need to import socks list from note pad file and clad or any software will automatically validate them for use. However 5% like 3-4  IP:port may not work some time, but all others always online.
  • What is the Guarantee that all my ads will be live or not abused ?
WE are using all back connected IPs, NOT only for manually use to ads site, but also for applications, seo etc. Our IP tunnels working great with any site, any application is just nice as long as the software support socks/http ports.
  • How many ports/connections you are providing right now?
WE ARE NOW PROVIDING 100 PORTS/ CONNECTIONS TO ALL OUR HAPPY CLIENTS. ABD 250 PORTS MIXED, INTERNATIONAL IPS FOR SEO CLIENTS!we are using all secure tunnels so that any NETWORK can’t block our tunnels. However, you will get sufficient Ips daily, but we believe in quality, NOT huge quantities of black listed Ips.

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Please note that we are NOT using vpn anymore for our service. From now you need to use a STATIC IP address to access your tunnels. We will bind your IP with our system so that you can use socks without any hassle.

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